• Wedding Begić - Krijan

    Our long awaited day has arrived quickly (one year ago, it seemed so far away) and passed even quicker. Thanks to your excellent organizers and great stuff (especially Mrs. Dijana Haramina and Mr. Darko Lovrenščak), everything was perfect. We have to admit, even beyond our expectations. Our guests were delighted; decoration was beautiful, food was great and hotel staff provided excellent service. We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for making our special day perfect.
    Of course, we need to mention that you were at our disposal all other days, from the very first agreement, to the final plan.
    We also need to mention that all our wishes were fulfilled and that everything went as we have imagined. The food was more than great, as well as the cake, exactly the same as on degustation day – excellent. Nothing was lacking and the staff was at disposal all time. All in all, everything was perfect, thank you for that!

    We look forward to future cooperation! :-)
    Ana and Ivan
  • Wedding Mustafa - Prelić
    Dear Diana,
    Once again we want to thank you for making our wedding day very special. Please convey our regards to Dubravka.

    Kind regards
    Zrinka and Neven Prelić
  • Wedding Grbaš - Krznarić

    Thank you for the great organization of our wedding dinner. Our guest and we personally were extremely satisfied! Mrs. Dubravka and the whole staff were very attentive and made sure that nothing was missing. Variety of food and beverages, beautiful hall, as well as the whole hotel service have contributed to a perfect night.

    Our accommodation in Mlini, hotel Astarea in Župa dubrovačka was special! Hotel staff was extremely kind and the room with a big terrace and beautiful sea view… We sincerely recommend this beautiful experience to other young couples!

    Once again, many thanks for a lovely organization of one of our most beautiful day in life!

    Kind regards,
    Sanja and Kristijan
  • Wedding Topolovec - Lončar

    Our wedding dinner was a blast, we are extremely satisfied – thank you for your kindness and understanding  Please convey our kindest regards to Mrs. Dubravka.

    Best regards
  • Wedding Jerat-Čop
    Dear Diana,

    Thank you very much for the efforts regarding the organization of our wedding! For us, that was a very special night which we will remember the whole life and you have helped us to make it just as we had imagined. Please convey our thanks to Mr. Darko and other hotel staff who made our night so special. I hope there were no problems from our side.

    Best regards
  • Wedding Markota - Jurić

    Even though our long awaited day has passed, our impressions are still not settled. From day to day, impressions are appearing; we collect them and wistfully recall them. It is hard to describe what Filip and I have went through that day. Perfect weather and pictures from the 19th floor of your hotel are beautiful and will always remind us on you, your kindness and courtesy.
    The dinner was perfect, the food was delicious (and you know how picky people from Slavonia are regarding the food) and we have received a lot of compliments from all around. The service was very professional. Special thanks to Mrs. Dubravka, who completely fascinated us by her kindness, courtesy and humor.
    Exactly because of all this positive impressions, we want to send special thanks to hotel manager, Mrs. Piškurić and Mrs. Haramina on truly beautiful wedding dinner, their efforts and kindness because everything was as we have imagined to be. With all delicious food, good music, a lot of young people and few older ones (but jolly ones), a party was guaranteed.
    Many of our guest commented this was the best wedding they have attended. This means a lot, and since in the next two years there will be a lot of weddings, we do not have doubts they will be at Panorama Zagreb hotel.

    Until some other time,

    Marija and Filip
  • Wedding Oršulić
    Dear all,

    We, Ana and Dalibor Oršulić (a bride and a groom) with our parents would like to take this opportunity to thank hotel Panorama for organizing our wedding dinner on July 11, 2015 in Zagreb.
    From the very first time, our wedding organizer Dijana Haramina was at our service all the time and all our expectations definitely have been met. Since we are from Finland, it was very important to us that every single detail is arranged exactly on time, from food and beverages, wedding hall, cake, lightning, decoration, lunch for 20 people 3 days in a row, hotel accommodation and finally to the welcome of our guests from Croatia, Finland and surroundings.
    We can definitely be happy that we have found you because you have met all our expectations and you have pleasantly surprised us regarding many things. Also, we would like to thank Mr. Mario who took care that everything went according to the plan, and also to thank our band Viva Band Bjelovar. We cannot forget other staff who served us and our guests and who embellished our weeding at hotel Panorama with their professionalism.
    You will always stay in our memories, our wedding pictures and albums!

    Best regards to all
    Dalibor and Ana Oršulić from Helsinki
  • Marija i Filip Jurić wedding ceremony
    Dear Hotel Panorama staff,

    Although our long anticipated day passed, our impressions didn't settled down yet. Day by day different impressions comes to us and we remember them with special feelings. It is not easy to explain what Filip and I experienced that day. During the nice weather, pictures from your hotel on the 19th floor were amazing. It will always remember us on your kindness and service. Dinner was fantastic, food delicious (you know how people from Slavonia are). Praises were coming from everywhere. Your service was very nice and unobtrusive.

    I would like to give special praised to Ms.Dubravka, who fascinate us and our guests with professionalism and kindness. Because of all of this impressions we would like to say thank you to you Dijana and to General Manager Natalia for great wedding dinner and for all the effort you did. Everything was as we imagine. With very delicious food, good music and a lot of young and older people, party was guaranteed. A lot of guests charactized our wedding as the best one they have ever been to. That says a lot about your service. In next two years many weddings are on schedule and we trully believe that some of them will be in Hotel Panorama.

    Best regards,
    Marija and Filip
  • Wedding ceremony Satler
    I am writing you on behalf of our new family Satler. Our wedding was really perfect from the beginning to the very end. We are trully satisfied with the staff and the athmosphere. Thank you very much one more time for everything.
    Your newlymarried couple
    Jakob Satler, mag.oec
  • Wedding ceremony Oršulić
    Dear all,

    On this occasion we, as newlyweds, Ana and Dalibor Oršulić, together with parents want to heartily thank the Hotel Panorama in organizing our wedding dinner on July 11th 2015 in Zagreb. Right from the first contact, our organizer Diana Haramina was entirely at our disposal and everything that our beautiful ceremony required was fulfilled. Since we come from Finland, it was important for us to have every detail agreed on time, starting from food, drink, hall, cake, lighting, decorations, and meals for twenty people for three consecutive days, accommodation in hotel rooms and arrival of our guests from Croatia, Finland and surrounding. We can only be happy to have found you because you have fulfilled our expectations and were in many ways pleasantly surprised. Also, thanks to our maitre d'hotel Mario who made sure that everything went smoothly and according to plan in consultation with us and our band Viva Band Bjelovar. We must not forget the rest of the staff that served us and our guests, and that their professionalism made our wedding in Panorama special!

    You will remain always in our memories, in our wedding pictures and albums!

    Greetings to all from Dalibor and Ana Oršulić, Helsinki, Finland!
  • Maja Šavor & Tomislav Capuder wedding ceremony
    Fantastic. Every detail. From the phenomenal staff to great food...

    Maja & Tomislav
  • Nataša Margetić & Peter Piljek wedding ceremony
    The wedding went well! We are very happy with everything. We are pleased with you, the hotel, apartment, guest rooms, staff, maitre d'hotel, menu, the decor. With everything! You're really on a completely different level than everyone else and your good reputation is well justified.

    Kind regards,
    Nataša & Petar
  • Petković wedding ceremony

    We want to thank all the employees of Panorama Zagreb Hotel who were involved in organizing the wedding of our children, and who have done their best to ensure Katarina and Igor have a memorable day.

    From the beginning of the celebration on Saturday at 13 p.m., when you brought sunshine to the terrace of the hotel after a rainy morning, until Sunday afternoon when the guests left tired but happy, there was no idle, and guests enjoyed the entire time in the food, drinks, ambient and, above all, in the atmosphere of fun and joy.

    We get feedback on a daily basis from our guests saying the entire ceremony was fantastic. Special praise to the Chef who took care of good and tasty food, and we thank the cocktail master Drago who provided all those cocktails, as well as Ivan, Nikola, Darko, Stanka... and all other employees who maximally tried to be at the disposal of our and your guests.

    Thank you, with best regards
    Ivica and Zorka Petković
  • The wedding ceremony Sertić
    Our wedding ceremony was brilliant! And we think so without exaggeration.
    The whole team, allow me to express so… starting from the maitre d’hôtel Mr. Jozo (who took a great care of us- newly weds, made of honor and best man) to each waiter (especially Mr. Vlado) had just thrilled us and the rest of the guests.
    The whole weekend we get calls from our guests who complement the Service Excellence, hospitality, warmth and cordiality of the personnel. We agree with them, so please praise them and thank them for everything from the bottom of our hearts. Also reward them if you can!
    It was so beautiful and we felt so welcomed that I have a need to express our gladness to everyone of the team.
    We also thank you for justifying our trust just as we expected it from the meeting with Mrs. Bradvica and Mrs. Vranješ… as well with F&B Director who had chosen excellent vine.
    All food was magnificent, from the appetizers to gulaš, pork and lamb. A big Thank You to the chefs on beautifully served and tasty dinner.
    Special praises to the pastry chef and the team in charge of cake and pastries… They were great!
    The cake was too delightful and it looked exactly like in the photo I gave you.
    Thank you very much!

    Kind regards,

    Maja & Ivan
  • Poljanić wedding ceremony

    we had a wedding ceremony in Panorama Zagreb hotel on Saturday and this way we would like to thank you for making our date perfect. We give praise, especially, to Mrs. Martina Tobolčević who fulfilled all our wishes and requests linked to the organization of the wedding ceremony. Also, a thank you, to Mr. Jozo Crnjac who took care that everything was perfect. Thanks to all the kind waiters, waitresses and chefs for the excellent food as well as the pastry chefs for delicious cake and homemade pastries. Thank you all!
    We would definitely recommend your hotel to everyone who wants their wedding day to be perfect.

    Kind regards,
    Martina and Nikša Poljanić
  • The wedding celebration of Dina and Janko
    Dear Mrs. Piškurić,

    Last Saturday we have celebrated the wedding day of Dina and Janko in the Kaptol ballroom. Everyone- the newly weds, family and guests commended the high level of service and personnel professionals. From the chefs to the waiters who were omnipresence but imperceptible. The same thanks to Mrs. Vranješ for the wedding organization. She was extremely promptly and amiable.

    Best regards,

    Bernardi and Fistonić family
  • The wedding ceremony of Helena and Antonio
    Dear Gordana,

    This way, one more time, we would like to thank you and the staff of Panorama Zagreb hotel for beautiful wedding ceremony.
    We don’t know where to start and what to praise first…
    From the first time we came to Panorama hotel, before 6 months, and met Mrs. Iva we knew that this was it. We were amazed by the easiness of agreements. Every question we had was quickly answered. We have to admit that we simply knew we don’t have to take care about the dinner anymore because when we saw how professionally the hotel staff took up the job we assumed that we are in good hands. Our assumption was completely justified.

    Arriving to the hotel on the wedding day we knew that our choice was correct. The dinner had started with the cocktail on terrace- it was a firework of colors and tastes. Imaginatively arranged choice of beverage. There was something for each. The smile didn’t go away from the faces of guests. The hall was so beautifully decorated that it took our breath away. Thank you for the hotel’s florists. The margaritas were so beautiful in theirs simplicity that no one was left indifferent. About the food, there wasn’t any disadvantage. Tasty and temptingly served dishes were brought to all the guests the same time as to us. The fruit and štrukli buffet attracted the passers- by. All the critics were exceptionally content even with the lamb dish.

    The waiters, ahead with Mr. Darko, are the special story. Smiling, serving, quick and discrete…
    They managed to solve every dilemma we had, here and there watched the children and did everything to make us all comfortable.
    Everything till the last detail, from table napkin, the temperature in the hall, doorman, housekeeping till the last moment, everything was in order.
    We can only say a big Thank You for making our evening beautiful and unforgettable.

    Kind regards,
    Helena & Toni
  • The Wedding Ceremony of Mrs. Željka Lučev and Mr. Darko Vasić
    Dear Mrs. Tobolčević,

    We would like to thank you and Panorama Zagreb Hotel personnel for the professional organisation and affability in organizing our Wedding Ceremony.

    The hotel Panorama along with liability and the quality of a four star hotel gave us a feeling of a private ceremony in beautiful ambience.

    Everything, from our first conversation and the latest arrangement before the dinner itself, was kind, simple and correctly arranged by our demands. The Kaptol hall, the decoration, cocktail and food were great. Our guests had commended the most the lamb and the cake. The service, staff and maitre d’hôtel, Mr. Jozo Crnjac were kind, professional and quick.

    Thank you all for helping us to pass through the party in nice and relaxing ambience and for making our most important day- special.

    Željka & Darko
  • The Wedding of Tomislav Filipčić and Nataša Višković
    Dear Mrs. Tobolčević,

    I’m writing to you and the rest of Panorama Zagreb personnel to express thanks for the beautiful wedding dinner held in your hotel on the 15th October 2011.

    Where to begin with the words of compliment and thanks? Maybe at the beginning and the first arrangements. We were amazed by the velocity of the first appointment and the easiness we managed to set the approximate plan of our wedding ceremony. Unlike the other places where we tried to get a good agreement, yours was quick and simple, with concrete arrangements. “Everything can be arranged on mutual pleasure” really means it. A detail appointment was easy. And the only part we didn’t have to worry about was the dinner. Already in preliminary period we had got the sensation of the seriousness and confidence that everything arranged will be fulfilled.

    On the wedding day, when we came to the hotel, at first we saw the cocktail bar which was magnificently designed and was full with various cocktail offers. So, everyone could find something of their taste. We were glad to hear the comments of our dear guests that they never had a chance to see so impressive aperitif offers at the wedding ceremony.

    The hall itself was beautifully decorated which we can thank to your hotel’s staff and our florist who through her arrangements managed to tell a whole story. We think that her icy pink roses were perfectly fit with the fancy and elegantly designed serving tables.

    Like everything else the food was also perfect. The velocity of the serving warm meals to the single one of the guests was enviable. The waiters were very gentle and professional. They managed to replace empty bottles so fast that not even a single time the one was left on the table. Special praises to the other hotel staff that were at service to our guests and were answering all their questions and problems no matter how trivial they were.

    As concerned the most important middle thing at the wedding- the lamb- it is enough to say that even the most demanding critics were really satisfied the way how was made and quoted that it was a delicacy. My favorites- štrukle- were exactly the same as the ones few years ago at the wedding ceremony of my friend also in your hotel. The meal portions were abundantly and during the night all platters were being filled with warm delicious finger food.

    Unlike the majority of wedding halls where we stayed as guests, the temperature in your hall was ideal even after a lot of dance.

    The lightning followed the music of our DJ who we would like to recommend everyone.

    As a special, we would like to point out Mr. Jozo who were at our service all night and took care of every our wish even before we would wish it.

    Our guests and us were very satisfied with the accommodation and we had especially enjoyed our first spousal breakfast which we thank for to Mr. Slavek.

    In the end- every bride dreams of her perfect fairytale wedding. Upon the stories told you can imply that this fairytale is usually shattered with the chain of minor and major details spoiling the perfect picture of it. I can only say that my day was really perfect and as a big critic and perfectionist- which can confirm those who know me- I would not change even the smallest bauble.

    A big thank you from a happy bride whose special day you had made a fairytale. We hope we will see you soon and we will have again the opportunity to hang out with you, no matter at the wedding of our friends or other ceremonies.

    Kind regards,
    Nataša Višković Filipčić i Tomislav Filipčić
  • The wedding ceremony of Mirjam and Dubravko

    We celebrated our wedding day in your hotel on Saturday of 8th October. Where as we were content with everything given: the service and professional staff, excellent food, amiable contact personnel and the fact that doesn’t exist a thing we would doubt it, we want to express you our thanks. Especially to your staff who gave the service at our wedding day, the maitre d’hôtel and all the people who we contacted before and after the wedding. Thank you for your time and patience. We will recommend you.

    Kind regards,
    Newlyweds Mirjam & Dubravko
  • The wedding ceremony Čolak

    We would like to thank you for your effort with the organization of our wedding ceremony held in your hotel this September.
    The flexibility in organization, extreme quality of the wedding menus and professional personnel at the wedding had excelled all our expectations. Beside ourselves, we had received positive return information of content and laud.
    Therefore, you can be assured that we will confide our future ceremonies to you and your staff and to all our friends we will definitely recommend your services.
    We would also like to thank you and your colleges, Mr. Lojić and Mr. Kralj, as well as others who engaged and contributed to the success in organizing to us so valuable ceremony.

    Davorka & Branimir Čolak
  • The wedding ceremony Ordarić
    After the whole impressions are settled, this way we would like to thank you on your help with our wedding. You were simply admirable. From the agreement, meetings and banquet until all those efficient and fast waiters who with their smile and gentleness did everything to make us happy. We are only sorry for not being able to dance and cheer with you. Collaboration and agreements with you were exclusively good, correct and flexible, all destined to fulfill our wishes, especially coordinated by Mr. Jozo and Mr. Slavko.
    To complete, it was simply beautiful.
    Thank you very much for everything that you did to make our day special.

    Kind regards,
    Maja & Borna
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