Send-off of the Croatian Olympic delegation in Panorama Zagreb Hotel!

Yesterday in our Panorama Zagreb Hotel we have officially sent-off the Croatian Olympic delegation that participates in the Olympic Games 2016 in Rio de Janeiro. Croatian athletes were sent-off by the most awarded Croatian Olympian and assistant minister for sport Janica Kostelic personally.

"I know you all want medals and results, but let me tell you, as a former athlete, I wish you health. Health should be a measure of happiness; it is a prerequisite of success, broken records and medals. Have a safe trip and come back with as many medals!" said Janica, while the Olympic delegation was also sent-off by the Minister of Science, Education and Sports Predrag Šustar and by the Finance Minister Zdravko Maric .

We wish all our athletes good luck at this year's Olympic Games ! We await for you in Zagreb!
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