Croatian Olympic Committee for Euromelanoma Day

The Sun doesn't just shine at the beach, it follows you everywhere!

Today, April 21st 2016, in Panorama Zagreb Hotel, the Croatian Olympic Committee held the traditional introductory conference for this year's campaign and initiative 'Euromenaloma day Croatia 2016' - fight against skin cancer ( melanoma ).This noble project was supported by the Olympic athletes, rowers Damir Martin and Valent and Martin Sinković. The famous guests talked about the need of adequate protection in the sun and regular skin self-examination. They emphasized the importance of a mandatory visit to a doctor in case of any concerns. Once again they've stressed out how a timely review can prevent further negative developments.

The Croatian Dermatovenerological Society of Croatian Medical Association and the Reference Center for melanoma of the Ministry of Health have been traditionally organizing the Euromenaloma Day Croatia for the past 11 years, together with many reputable dermatologists throughout Croatia.

Visit the official website of the organization Euromenaloma Day for more information:
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